Define a Marketing Strategy for your Startup with these 10 steps

Creating a marketing strategy is crucial for your startup or business, in general, to be able to reach your target audience. Growth is what defines startups and creating a marketing strategy is a must. You should define a marketing strategy for your startup by knowing which marketing channels to use for the target you want to […]

How to Get More from Your Google My Business Listing

Tap into Google My Business’ true potential. Follow these tips to fully optimize and make the most out of your GMB listing. Google My Business can be a powerful tool for certain types of companies to get in front of more customers, but most people aren’t taking advantage of its true potential. In fact, most don’t […]

The Beginner’s Guide to Social Media Strategy for Startups

For most entrepreneurs and business leaders, social media marketing is an important tool. You need to be forward-thinking and have a forward-looking approach. However, I noticed that many of them don’t take advantage of this amazing marketing channel. This is why I have developed an easy social media strategy for startups that everyone can implement. […]

10 Reasons Marketers Are Loving Virtual Events and 6 Solutions They Use

Remember when events were synonymous with going somewhere and being face to face with people? Marketing has changed a great deal in just a short period of time and possibly forever. Now, virtual events are number one on the event marketers’ radar. And, even though we love to travel and see people in person, they’re […]