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Are you spending too much time on payroll each week? Are you focusing too much time on payroll rather than acquiring new business? Worried you're not processing your payroll taxes correctly? Dreading a mailbox full of IRS letters?

If you are struggling with:

  • Completing employee payroll on time
  • Ensuring your taxes get paid so you don't go to jail
  • Conducting business because you spend too much time on payroll

Invoteq Business Solutions is here to help!

I used to be in your shoes. As a small business owner, I always lacked confidence that I was processing my payroll properly. Way back when, I'd walk into the office on payroll day, and know I'm gonna spend hours sitting in front of some Quickbooks report or Excel spreadsheet, trying to add up numbers, and hours, and different pay-rates and this stuff and that stuff.

This tanked my entire day because I knew:

  • I had to do it
  • I didn't wanna do it
  • It needed to be done
  • There was no way around it

In case you ever forget to run your payroll (it happens from time to time), we go out of our way to remind you. That’s because we know just how important someone’s paycheck is.

It’s not just a paycheck, it’s somebody’s life, it’s their children’s education, it’s food on the table, it’s everything. And yet, you’re a business owner that’s probably getting pulled in lots of different directions. So it may get temporarily overlooked.

Luckily for you, we’ve got solid systems in place for those times when your brain goes on holiday.

With other companies, if you neglect to run a payroll, it goes unnoticed. With us, at 4:30 on a Thursday, I’m emailing, calling, texting, “What’s going on?” LOL. We treat your employees as if they were our own.

In fact, there have been times where I’m showing up at peoples’ doors, literally. I’ve been driving around and stopped in at places, said, “You forgot to run your payroll.”

I’m like a Payroll Ninja!

  • Tax Filing
    Try reporting your taxes to the IRS without meticulously tracking your payroll and see what happens. 'Nuff said. 🙂
  • Child Support
    If an employee of yours misses paying child support, it's not just a phone call, it could mean BIG TROUBLE. If they don't pay their child support, they get their license revoked, maybe even jail time.
  • Health Insurance
    Have you ever NOT paid your health insurance premium and then tried to get it back? Not only is it a pain in the butt, but it's also costly!
  • 401K's
    You can seriously mess up an employee's retirement fund by missing payroll. Don't be an Enron. Payroll Ninja no-likey.